What is graphic recording?Picture Meeting logo

  • it is often called graphic facilitation
  • it was developed in the 1960’s to manage the personal dynamics and thinking of groups
  • it records your meeting on a large sheet of paper on the wall
  • uses words and images to record what has been said
  • uses colours and layouts to link your ideas together

What type of work do we do?

Graphic of the Social Model of Health

  • help plan future paths for individuals, groups and organisations
  • minute meetings so all attendees can see what is being recorded
  • draw up ideas and thoughts so they can be linked together
  • draw up action plans that you sign up to
  • record conferences and meetingsĀ in words and images
  • can transcribe the image into a smaller poster sized graphic
  • send on photos of your poster
  • upload images to a private webpage for you

Why graphically record?

  • the group can see plans and ideas emerge
  • it is easily accessible to many different groups
  • participants feel more involved and empowered
  • you have a visually stimulating record
  • graphic recording helps focus the groups attention
  • graphic recording can also help create a collective group memory of an event.